Friends take stranger on holiday after friend can’t make it

A group of friends decided to invite a random Joe to go on holiday, just to replace their friend Joe, who pulled out at the last minute.Joe McGrath from Manchester received a Facebook message in March, asking if he “would consider coming on holiday with a group of nine strangers if they had already arranged flights and an all inclusive hotel?”The group from Bristol had arranged a holiday in Spain for April, but later found out their friend Joe McGrath couldn’t go, so decided to contact others with the same name.”I first read the message and I was at a gig in Manchester. I ignored it straight away,” Joe told Sky News.”It wasn’t until the following day that I went back to the message and soon realised this offer might be legit,” he said. Joe ended up driving to Bristol and flying to Majorca, with a Ryanair ticket which had only a name associated with it.”The holiday was mint because the people were so good and welcoming, the weather was lovely and we drank a lot,” Joe told Sky.”Imagine a bar full of old expats singing karaoke, we crashed the bar and stole the show! The old folks didn’t know how to take us at first but by the end, we were all dancing together,” added the 21-year-old. The nine friends got in touch with 15 other people named Joe McGrath before one decided to call back.”I was the only mad enough Joe to say yes!,” he wrote on Twitter.”What a legend for coming away with strangers. We had a ace time,” one of Joe’s travel companions replied.Asked about how they got along and if there were any trips planned with his new friends, Joe said he just wants “to bring them to Manchester and show them a big night out”.