He stopped her and asked her something. Now women everywhere are furious!

I am speechless. People with money think they can say and do what they want!

Hopefully we’ll never have to bury our faces in our palms at these “pranks” again.

To be honest, we’re pretty sick of the gold digger pranks. All they really are is a bunch of guys who are bent out of shape looking for proof that the fairer sex is just made up of greedy self-interested souls. Hey, at least it makes them feel better about their own shortcomings. So let’s put an end to it right here by proving that everyone likes Ferraris, men and women included. Even if you hate the fanboys or what the cars stand for, there’s no denying that these cars have a high level of coolness.

Watch as this guy drives around town confirming this while making some creepy comments to the girls who compliment his ride. He even pulls another gold digger prank at the end to cement the stupidity of this practice.

I mean, we get it, everyone likes Ferraris – male and female alike!

One passerby even demands money from the driver haha

If sexy supercar videos ARE your guilty pleaseure – who are we to deny you of them?

What would YOUR reaction be if this was your Uber ride?

I think I would be left absolutely speechless

And I would probably be inclined to use Uber more often!


You. are. welcome.

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